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FINAL PANDORA Project demonstration

On 07/12/2022 the final demonstration of PANDORA Platform operational and technological functionality was performed. It highlighted the achievements of the project that has been capable of developing a cyber-defence platform (known as the PANDORA Platform) for real-time threat hunting and incident response. In the demo-event, the platform performance and capabilities were demonstrated based on selected operational scenarios, such as warship security, and military sensor network security.

More details can be read here:

2nd PANDORA Project demonstration to PESCO CTISP Member States

On 31/03/2022 a 2nd demonstration workshop was organised with the participation of several PESCO members , EDA and EC representatives. An extended demonstration of PANDORA platform capabilities was performed covering multiple scenarios relevant to the needs of military units.

1st PANDORA Project demonstration to PESCO CTISP Member States

A first demonstration of PANDORA was performed at 21/10/2021 to the participating PESCO members.

design phase COMPLETED

The requirements analysis, design and specifications elicitations phases completed.


The Launch (Pre-Kick Off) Meeting of the EDIDP Project PANDORA, coordinated by SPACE HELLAS S.A., took place on Friday, November 6, 2020 with the participation of all consortium members.